Photography – a simple take #1

Maintain the beauty – care for skin!
Practice and patience not gear or photoshop needed!! 

When subject is photography, following the greats gives you heads up – you can simply follow what they did in photography and you may be fine.

Ansel Adams was perhaps the greatest photographer and was a purist. Even today, his work is appreciated because he achieved the level that most of us can only dream of.

To a smartphone photographer he may not mean much. There is wide technology gap where the current photographers have technology on their side.

You do not need an expensive camera or photoshop but a lot of practice with patience to learn photography.


What is to Learn in photography?

It almost seems like even a kid could ask – what is to learn? I have my smartphone and I can take photos. To use a point and shoot camera, there are not many options that the user has to setup.

We try to record what our own eyes are seeing and we use the camera. Human eye has the luminance rage of 20 stops and as a comparison, a smartphone has 10 stops and best of the cameras, a DSLR or Mirrorless, may have 14 stops of luminance range.

Since the gap exists, we try to adopt a methodology and technique that take us closer to what human eye can see!

What is a starting point in photography?photography - composition

Street photography with a range finder or 35mm lense of full frame camera or equivalent is the best. It teaches you the composition even with full auto setup. If you are interested in photography, you should buy or use what equipment you have or at the most buy used equipment.

A standard, beginner’s kit may have one of the following:

A Canon m200

A Nikon 3400

A Sony A6000

A Panasonic G7

A Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II

Each of these have respective strengths but good to start with. The key is to practice and apply oneself to learn the art of photography.

Read about composition or watch youtube videos.
Nigel Danson video would benefit a beginner and experienced.

What will be gained in photography?

photography - compositionWhen we practice and follow composition, our rate of success improves and that provides for the degree of confidence.

Let me explain, you have your younger sister’s graduation ceremony and would you like to take your camera and take pictures?

I am sure, most would supplement but not substitute a pro photographer. On the other hand, if you have practiced and taken photos, 10 times, may be 11th time, you will go with greater confidence!photography - composition helps tell a story without even a single word

Keep a journal of photography

Our progression may be in baby steps but we need reassurance that progress is being made. Keep a journal of what did you try and what worked well and what did not. Keeping journal is more important because catching becomes easy just in case there is gap between the sessions.

There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.” –Ansel Adams

Photography is a hobby and skill that needs a lot of practice and patience. As such we are going to go in a phased manner!

The photograph at the top was taken in Iceland, without a tripod. The photo at the bottom was taken with a tripod, again, in Iceland. Taking photos of the night sky requires skills plus - composition

A simple technique is nicely explained in northern lights photography – made simple.

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